“Agroforestry – the Future of Global Land Use”


Submit your abstracts and participate in the 2nd World Congress of Agroforestry (WCA2) that will be held in Nairobi (Kenya), from the 23rd to the 28th of August 2009.
The objective of the Congress is to share lessons and experiences by assessing opportunities to leverage agroforestry in promoting sustainable land use worldwide.
The Congress will serve as a forum for researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers from around the world to share new findings, explore new opportunities, and strengthen partnerships and engage with communities of practice.

The themes of the Congress are:
* Markets supporting agroforestry land use
* Tree based rehabilitation of degraded lands and watersheds
* Climate change adaptation and mitigation
* Agroforestry contributing to environmental sustainability and
* Policy options and institutional innovations for agroforestry land use

For more information: http://www.worldagroforestry.org/wca2009
WCA2009 Organizing Committee
Email: wca2009@cgiar.org


About sandravelarde

Peruvian Forest Engineer (UNALM) and MSc. in Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh, UK). I am a natural resource management specialist. My experience is in socio-economics in tropical forests, evaluating the trade-offs across different land uses: biodiversity, carbon,and profitability (FAO, ASB, ICRAF). My PhD thesis at the Australian National University (ANU) is about tree planting for bioenergy. My passion: Planning and capacity building, using participatory methods, like Future Scenarios (CIFOR, ASB, ICRAF, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment). Currently working as Economist / transdisciplinary scientist at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion).

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