Welcome to my new blog and site


7 years ago, I was blessed with a scholarship to study abroad and soon after found myself working for my dreamed organizations. Now I am back to Peru, feeling amazed by the positive transformations I can see everyday. Excellent timing for a sabbatical! I am now dedicated to bringing my personal projects to life. Moving the ideas to action. My current interests are environmental education, green or eco-businesses and investments.

From time to time I will be posting links and comments about relevant issues to natural resources, climate change, forestry, economics, and education. Thank you for your comments!


About sandravelarde

Peruvian Forest Engineer (UNALM) and MSc. in Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh, UK). I am a natural resource management specialist. My experience is in socio-economics in tropical forests, evaluating the trade-offs across different land uses: biodiversity, carbon,and profitability (FAO, ASB, ICRAF). My PhD thesis at the Australian National University (ANU) is about tree planting for bioenergy. My passion: Planning and capacity building, using participatory methods, like Future Scenarios (CIFOR, ASB, ICRAF, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment). Currently working as Economist / transdisciplinary scientist at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion).

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