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Worshop-course on Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity


INIA Pucallpa held a course on Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity, organized by ICRAF and the International Secretary for Technical Cooperation (STC-CGIAR) on 21-22 January 2009. More than 20 participants from research institutes, universities, indigenous leaders and national and international NGOs attended the event, as well as Dr. Roberto Porro (ICRAF) and Dr. Noemí Miyasaka, Brazilian social scientits who facilitated the workshop.

The participants reflected about the opportunities and methods to integrate the new demands by national and international laws about access to traditional knowledge to their work, as well as other related topics, such as: (1) prior and informed community’s consent for sharing their traditional knowledge, (2) equitable and fair benefits sharing, and (3) implications of integrating traditional knowledge to the norms of conventional knowledge.

INIA Peru and ICRAF are developing the contents of a new training and capacity building program for 2009 Р2010 through participatory meeting that would help to prioritize the training needs from agriculture researchers. More information: and Julio Ugarte Guerra,