Monthly Archives: August 2009

Nationality: Internet


I just read a response to a post by the most powerful blogger in Peru, Mario Sifuentes, see One reader asks another, “which is your nationality?” And he responds: “Internet”. This is the first time I read this, but i really feel related to him as I speding several hours in front of a computer, reading and summarizing technical news and contacting people from around the world. Although I wouldn’t call myself from “internet” …yet…rather a global citizen, Spanish is my first language, I usually write in English with my pairs, read Portuguese for fun, a little French, and use kiswahili slang in chat rooms and facebook….oh, but i don’t have a twitter account, shame on me.
What would it mean to be an “internet national”, no boundaries, no passports, no time zone differences…maybe. Free and public access to information? Somewhere, sometime, I heard the whole of Kuala Lumpur (“KL”) if WiFi zone. mmm….Will continue reflecting on this and see if Mario Sifuentes was kind enough to publish my comment to his December 2008 post and “make me famous”, as he says. 🙂