Now recruiting…ASB Programme Associate! (again)


In 2007, when I finished my appointment as ASB Programme Associate and started the recruitment process of the new person,  I thought that there were big challenges coming ahead. ASB had a new leader and a more focused agenda: REDD. The same year, an  “Opportunity costs of REDD” study was put together in record time and presented at the Conference of the Parties (COP14) in Bali. Funds started to flow in again.

Last year I was called back to ASB to give support to REDD projects activities. The Associate recruited back in 2007  is now the ASB Programme Coordinator, Dr. Peter Akong Minang. He has definitely increased the standards for this position, providing with talented management and scientific strength to the team. Most importantly, a “south” perspective as senior people called it. Now, once again,  ASB is looking for a new Associate.  Who would be next ?

A lively team and excellent working environment, constant trips, concept notes, proposals, and research, mostly on deforestation. Hosted by the World Agroforestry Centre, in  a green campus in Nairobi, Kenya. Are you up for this challenge? Applications will be accepted until 28th February 2010 or untill the vacancy is filled. See:


About sandravelarde

Peruvian Forest Engineer (UNALM) and MSc. in Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh, UK). I am a natural resource management specialist. My experience is in socio-economics in tropical forests, evaluating the trade-offs across different land uses: biodiversity, carbon,and profitability (FAO, ASB, ICRAF). My PhD thesis at the Australian National University (ANU) is about tree planting for bioenergy. My passion: Planning and capacity building, using participatory methods, like Future Scenarios (CIFOR, ASB, ICRAF, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment). Currently working as Economist / transdisciplinary scientist at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion).

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