How green do you think you (really) are? – It all depends…Who do you bank with?


I learnt about this report earlier this year. I was curious to see where my bank stood. I was relieved to find it has no investments on coal though a bit dissapointed as it does not invest in renewable energy either.

“A new report commissioned by Greenpeace, Pillars of Pollution: How Australia’s Big Four Banks Are Propping Up Pollution, reveals the extent to which Australia’s big four banks are investing in polluting coal power – and they’re using your money to do it.” (Greenpeace)

ANZ, CBA, NBA and Westpac are the biggest polluters according to this report by Greenpeace (full report published in February 2011). Quite an entertaining reading relevant to the discussion raised during today’s tutorial on Environmental Policy and Communications about shaping public opinion. Each dollar counts here. So deciding on where to put your savings is also a way of taking positive action on the environment.  

Find Greenpeace report (short and long version) and the responses from the banks and Greenpeace at:


About sandravelarde

Peruvian Forest Engineer (UNALM) and MSc. in Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh, UK). I am a natural resource management specialist. My experience is in socio-economics in tropical forests, evaluating the trade-offs across different land uses: biodiversity, carbon,and profitability (FAO, ASB, ICRAF). My PhD thesis at the Australian National University (ANU) is about tree planting for bioenergy. My passion: Planning and capacity building, using participatory methods, like Future Scenarios (CIFOR, ASB, ICRAF, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment). Currently working as Economist / transdisciplinary scientist at the New Zealand Forest Research Institute (Scion).

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