Monthly Archives: October 2011

Would this happen in your country?


Today has been a more positive day than expected.  After complaining too much about this cold spring in Canberra, I received a mass email at uni. This note left at ANU yesterday (see photo) made my day. The writer has unintentionally damaged somebody’s car in the parking lot and he promises to pay for the damages. Good for Australia. They should be proud.

This reminded me of a friend’s story about finding about USD 5,000 on the floor of a bank in Peru some years ago (this is about 20 minimum salaries and would have been a lot more back then).  The ones who fist noticed that she found the money suggested to split it. She was upset.  As she did not trust even the bankers and the policemen, she told all the customers at the bank what she had found and held onto it until the owner came back to the bank. She proved them that there are still honest people around.

Thanks to Mr. Featherstone for reminding me that these things not only happen in Australia but can also happen in my own country, my beloved, Peru. How different the world would be if there were more of these people around? Can you imagine how easier business would run if based on trust, honesty and respect? Down with the red tape!