As an undergraduate, I participated of several internships to enrich my knowledge of forestry and the environment. I also took part in student volunteer activities. During my MSc. studies I concentrated on my dissertation, which resulted in a published paper. Now, as PhD student, I have tutored and mentored post-grad and undergrad students. Recently, I was designated as member of the Executive Committee at the Latin American Students’ Association at the ANU.


  • President of the Latin American Students’ Association (LASA), Australian National University (ANU), since March 2012 and member of the Executive Committee since July 2012
  • Tutor, ANU, 2010-11
  • Mentor, ANU Postgraduate Student Information and Guidance Network SIGN, 2011
  • Organizer Inaugural Crawford PhD Conference, ANU, 2010
  • Researcher, University of Edinburgh, April – September 2002
    Economic Impact of Climate Change in the Natural Protected Areas of Africa using GIS (MSc.dissertation) that lead to the paper: Velarde SJ, Y Malhi, D Moran, J Wright and S Hussain, 2005. Valuing the impacts of climate change on protected areas in Africa. Ecological Economics 53 (1): 21-33.

ADEFOR, Civil Association for Research and Forest Development, Cajamarca, Peru
January-March 2000
Supervised logging and inventorying activities; in vitro techniques. Wrote a proposal and designed an area for storing pine logs.

FOREST NURSERY AND SEED LAB, Faculty of Forestry, UNALM, Lima, Peru
April-July 1997
Seed analysis and support with local seeds database.

PRONAMACHCS, Ministry of Agriculture, Lima, Peru
February – March 1999
Evaluated peri-urban forest plantations in Lima and proposed criteria and sites for future local plantations. Participated in a survey to include resident opinion in the proposal.

CEDINFOR (formerly REDINFOR), National Forestry Information Network Lima, Peru
April 1999-July 1999
Prepared basic information for REDINFOR database according to AGROVOC FAO multilingual Thesaurus


MOL Herbarium, Faculty of Forestry, UNALM, Lima, Peru
January 2001-August 2002
Co-designed and managed the volunteer service

FACULTY OF FORESTRY, Forest Production and Management Unit, UNALM, various locations, Peru:
June – July 1998
Dendrology, Forest Measurement, Fauna census techniques
Flora evaluation: Inventory, identification and evaluation of ecological effects of logging

April – July 1997
Research Assistant, Primary data collection for bird census in Lima.


January 2000-December 2002
Moderator Electronic List

December 1999-December 2000
Public Relations Secretary:
-Head of Volunteer Library Service Group
-Designed database and Catalogue for the Student Library
-Co-organised student parade and Latin American Student Meeting

XILEMA, Forestry students magazine, UNALM, Lima, Peru
April 1999 – September 2001
Member of the Editorial Committee
-Selected and edited articles
-Logistic and Marketing activities for the magazine


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